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Laurent Jalabert is a french research engineer at CNRS, and photographer. He started photography ~1998 with Jean-Luc Aribaud (poetry/photography - Toulouse). He was selected to the Off of Printemps de Septembre de Toulouse (France) in 2005 (Tirage Limité 4, Galerie Can'Art), with photos of a "clean room", a philosophical essay about the future of technology. He was awarded with the Basane d'Or of Graulhet in 2005 (triptych in black and white) coupling twin photos of french school ballet with street view of La Havane (Cuba), to reveal a kind of emptiness resulting of extreme feelings. He was awarded by Bessieres city in 2005 for a series of B&W photos about Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.



2006 - Dance school of Bessieres


- CAES-CNRS Toulouse: "Gule Gule", travel report on Estern Turkey

- Off du Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse, France

Galerie Can'Art, Tirage Limite 4e Ed.


2006- Reponse Photo

2005- La Depeche

2005- Le Petit Journal


2006 - Graulhet Photo Concours - 3rd prix Color
2006 - Bessieres - Prix de la ville.
2005 - Basane d'Or de Graulhet.